A journey from mentorship to partnership with Sol’s ARC

Sol’s ARC   |   25 May 2018


Since it was founded in 2003, Sol’s ARC has done innovative work in special education through its Therapy Center and Parallel School, with centers and schools in currently located in Mumbai and Pune. Their mission is to nurture the innate abilities of children and youth with special needs through a research-based approach to curriculum development, implementation, and therapy.

Our Work with Sol’s ARC

From strategic planning and fundraising to implementing HR, finance, monitoring & evaluation programs, Atma conducted multiple projects for Sol’s ARC to improve their sustainability and scalability.

Outcomes and Impact

With its partnership with Atma, Sol’s ARC has exponentially scaled in terms of its internal organisation and number of enrollments. They went from 300 students in 2012-13 to 500 students by the time they graduated from Atma. In addition, the impact that Sol’s ARC has had in terms of increasing awareness and mindsets as far as autism, special needs and resource building in this area are concerned has also increased a great deal.

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