Leading the way from inception to growth with Reality Gives

Reality Gives   |   01 June 2018


Reality Gives was founded to create equal access to opportunities and resources for people from underprivileged communities. They do this through building powerful programs to improve the educational opportunities for children and youth in Dharavi, and through connecting organisations and mobilising resources. Additionally, Reality Gives runs Muskaan School: a progressive kindergarten that teaches 3-5 year old children in Dharavi through experiential methods.

Our Work with Reality Gives

Atma supported the conceptualisation and facilitated the development process of the Youth
Empowerment Program. Based on feedback from the community, three courses were
identified to be part of YEP- Spoken English, Life Skills & Computer Basics. Atma also participated in the recruitment and induction of key staff members, and engaged four professional volunteers to create, implement and continually improve the YEP curriculum.

Outcomes and Impact

Atma’s intervention resulted in three effective programs that have helped in making the YEP a high quality sustainable initiative. Atma’s Partnership with Reality Gives has produced over 26 distinct outcomes so far, from mission and vision development to website creation and professional photography, to HR development and strategic hiring of staff.

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