Atma Model

Strengthening organisations to impact Education




Education nonprofits and social enterprises in the Atma portfolio undergo the following six phases of our accelerator program:

1. Selection Process : Atma performs extensive due diligence of potential portfolio organisations, looking into program operations, financial status, the organisation’s culture fit to the program and most importantly their commitment to quality education for children and youth.

2. Induction: Every organisation that is accepted works through workshops with the Atma team to develop their vision and mission, theory of change, and 3-5 year business plan. This process lays the groundwork for the partnership between the organisations.

3. Found and Frame: In this stage Atma leads the organisation in focusing their product and service offering to fit refined thesis, and creating tools to measure impact. This process goes hand in hand with refining the brand, communications and marketing to match the current direction and create a professional image of organisation.

4. Ground and Grow: At this stage programs are well defined and working well. Atma now creates standardized systems and processes to help management clearly oversee program delivery and staff performance. Atma assists in coaching of management and hiring of key leadership staff to free the founder for a less operationally focused role.

5. Produce and Sustain: At this stage Atma aides is the development of the long term strategic plan and formation of strategic partnerships with other service providers who will allow the organisation to increase depth of service offering and scale their program.

6. Graduation: On graduating Atma portfolio organisations have

o    1 year funding pipeline

o    Second-line leadership

o    Program systems and processes ready for scale

o    Monitoring and evaluation process that provides meaningful evidence of impact and management data