Mentoring Apni Shala and putting systems in place

Apni Shala   |   15 June 2018


Apni Shala was founded in 2004 to support the social and emotional development of children from low-income communities in Mumbai through experiential learning programs. Their mission is to engage children in life skills education through fun and interactive school programs that leverage the power of drama, games, films and art, and developing a replicable model for implementation in government and affordable private schools.

The Need

Children from low-income communities face a number of challenges on a day-to-day basis which make them vulnerable to adopting negative attitudes and behaviour. Education policies in India state that the role of the school goes beyond academics to include the behavioural and social development of children. However, most of the government and private schools that children with low-income backgrounds attend do not have the infrastructure to cater to the social and emotional developmental needs of children. This is the gap that Apni Shala aims to fill.

Our Work with Apni Shala

Apni Shala became an Atma Partner in March 2013. Our initial goals for the partnership were to help develop Apni Shala’s implement plan, and strengthen their HR systems and fundraising avenues.

Outcomes and Impact

Since the Atma Partnership began, Apni Shala has grown from a program in its infancy to a strong and sustainable organisation. They have nearly tripled their student enrolment, and have grown their annual operational budget by 49%. After graduating, they continue to offer experiential learning programs to help children solve problems, nurture healthy relationships and become more confident, well-rounded individuals.

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