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The Atma Lab

There are five projects from Atma’s current and historical work that fall under The Atma Lab. Each project is distinct in the outcomes it was conceptualised to achieve. Each project has been designed and implemented in close cooperation with external stakeholders. Below is a summary of these projects, that highlights the outcomes we achieved, the gap we were looking to fill, and the partners we took each journey with:

1. Future of Impact Collaborative

At the start of the Covid-19 crisis, Atma convened the Future of Impact Collaborative in collaboration with other sector intermediaries. The objective of the Collab was to enable information sharing and providing NGOs with tools to respond speedily to the unfolding crisis.

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Since inception, we have transitioned our support to ensure that NGOs are not only able to overcome their short-term challenges but are also prepared for medium to long-term challenges as part of an uncertain future.

The FOI Collaborative brings together social sector intermediaries from diverse areas of expertise to ensure that NGOs across the country have access to a support network.

These intermediaries are our “members” and have made a commitment to provide more than 1300 hours of support over the next year in the form of:

  • Conferences

  • Masterclasses

  • Mentorship

More than 750 NGOs have attended our Conferences, 50+ NGOs have signed up for MasterClasses and 75+ NGOs have received individualised mentorship.

2. Gati Consortium

The need to support children with disabilities and special learning needs (CWSEND) in classrooms is overlooked and often underfunded. Students with disabilities, or marked deficits, represent a growing population in any classroom due to the failures in early intervention support, especially in low-income communities.

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Gati was a consortium of organisations and schools driving inclusion. Together we helped educators serve students effectively, in turn allowing more students to access school. Since the beginning of 2020 Atma has paused this project.

Atma would be happy to share its strategy, monitoring and evaluation tools, inclusive school competition model, and rubric to measure the inclusivity level of a school. To access resources developed by Gati for your organisation please email [email protected].

3. Atma Network

Atma has worked with NGOs across India for more than 13 years. With our expertise, we have been able to build a comprehensive library of resources under the Atma Network umbrella to help NGOs irrespective of sector or geography.

The Atma Network is a platform for entrepreneurs starting and scaling social enterprises or NGOs. Entrepreneurs can access Atma Network’s sizeable collection of user-friendly resources which are categorised as:

  • Tools (templates, checklists, worksheets, surveys, and assessments)

  • Reading material (content compiled by expert sources)

  • Best practices & real-life examples

  • Evidence-based assessments

  • How-To guides

  • Videos

In case you are interested to know more about the Atma Network, contact [email protected].