The Accelerator | Atma Education NGO Accelerator

With the Atma partnership NGOs achieved:

4.05x average increase in stakeholders

2.22x average increase in funding

2.21x average increase in staff

85% of the partner organisations reported growing by 1 stage at least

77% reported improvement in skills

75% reported improvement in processes


Under the Accelerator, Atma delivers hands-on support to NGOs through three distinct offerings

Atma Accelerator offers tailored 3-month to 3-year support, focussing on NGO organisational development to boost capacity and propel growth in the social sector.


3-year comprehensive partnership that identifies, nurtures, and enables NGOs to enhance knowledge, skills, and organisational processes across 10 key areas of development.



Once the plan is finalized, our team focuses on assisting your organisation in executing each identified projects as per the scheduled timelines. The type of projects vary depending on the organisation requirements. They range from helping you build fundraising decks, to working on a strategy to onboard volunteers, to restructuring the organisation budget allocations.



Tailored workshops are provided in various domains, such as Capacity Diagnostic, Strategy Planning, Logic Model, Leadership, and Fundraising, aligning with your organisation's specific needs.


3 Year Partnership

A 3-year comprehensive partnership that identifies, nurtures, and enables NGOs to enhance knowledge, skills, and organisational processes across 10 key areas of development.


I. People Strategy & Leadership

Strengthen HR processes, refine organisational structure and roles, master HR policies and leadership capacities, and foster a culture of learning and growth.

II. Organisational Capabilities

Enhance operational resilience, execute strategic plans, ensure compliance, allocate resources efficiently, build external relationships, and maintain governance standards.

III. Fundraising Systems & Donor Pipeline

Excel in diverse donor targeting, refine fundraising systems, enhance planning, diversify engagement, master pitch strategies, and strengthen social media presence.

IV. Impact Creation and Programme Improvement

Establish a robust M&E system for impactful programmes, ensuring precise articulation, streamlined data collection, informed decisions, and compelling stakeholder reports.

Project Partnership

Project partnerships offer targeted support for specific organizational needs, spanning 3-12 months.

Partnership Journey


  • Scoping: Understand the organisation's needs and propose tailored solutions.

  • Proposal: Receive a detailed capacity-building proposal and sign a service agreement.


  • Consultant Support: Work with a dedicated Consultant/Senior Consultant.

  • Weekly Check-ins: Regular updates with Atma and the organisation's contact.

  • Project Execution: Implement projects through documents, workshops, or training.


  • Deliverables: Receive SOPs, systems, templates, and clear milestones.

  • Autonomous Implementation: Continue the project independently.

Partnership Registration Form


An online partnership application needs to be submitted by you. This will help us understand your organisation's work, its current focus areas, and any management and/or operational challenges it faces. We would also like to know your motivation to partner with Atma and why you would be a strong fit for our programme.


Our team schedules an introductory call to provide you with a deeper understanding of our organisation, programme offerings, and our approach towards the partnership. We also use this space to gain clarity on certain aspects of your application if needed.


After the introductory call, we plan for a virtual site visit. We use this opportunity to have a more personalised interaction with your team and stakeholders to understand your programme and services better. This helps us gauge the capacity at which our team can assist you. We also request you to share key documentation related to your organisation for review and to conduct due diligence.


A series of four-day workshops is hosted virtually by us and is completely free. We begin with a research exercise with your team to understand your organization’s goals, strengths, and challenges. Our team then works with you on prioritizing your goals for the next 5 years and build a consolidated Strategy Plan Document.

Partnership Registration Form


    Which cities is Atma based in at the moment?

    Due to the pandemic, Atma has been operating virtually since March 2020. We now plan to work with organisations pan India.

    What are the prerequisites for qualifying to be a part of the Atma Accelerator?

    We look for organisations that have operations running in the education sector in low income communities for at least a year. In addition to this, the organisation must be registered as a legal entity and have 1 year of audited statements.

    What does Atma’s due diligence process look like?

    We go through extensive 2 day workshops with the organisation to understand the long term capacity needs through our LSS and strategy workshop. Even if you don't get through the Atma assessment process is beneficial to go through to get clarity on where your organisation stands.

    How long does the selection process take?

    The selection process involves several in depth interactions spanning over 2 months.