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What is Atma trying to achieve?

With Social Sector

Wide Reach

We extend capacity-building support to urban, semi-urban, and rural NGOs across India, catering to diverse linguistic needs.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

We engage in partnerships with donors, networks and peer intermediaries, to co-create impactful solutions for capacity building of NGOs

Harnessing Volunteer Potential

We attract top talent to the sector, bolstering its capabilities.

Eco-system strengthening

We initiate and partner to create public goods for NGOs, advocate for capacity building, undertake market making for newer causes and support research and best practice development.

With NGOs

Tailored Capacity Building

We provide personalised support for capacity enhancement, addressing unique organisational needs.

Outcome-centric Approach

We utilise a proven best practice approach across all our organisational offerings, with a strong focus on tangible outcomes.

Listening and Learning

We emphasise continual feedback and rigorous quality control for optimising our capacity-building support.

Life-cycle Approach

We are dedicated to providing support at different stages of NGOs' lifecycles from early to mid-stage support.

Atma is going places

As of today, We are building the capacity of NGOs in 21 States across India, we at Atma works across 10 Organisational Development areas:

Strategy Programmes Fundraising Leadership Human Resources Digital Marketing Monitoring & Evaluation Monitoring & Evaluation Governance Finance


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