Atma Education NGO Accelerator

The Accelerator

Our Accelerator supports partner organisations across pan India for up to three years, providing expertise in creating strategy, fundraising, recruiting and other key areas.

Key features of the programme include

Customised Annual Strategy & Goal Setting

Dedicated Atma Consultant

Skilled volunteers for implementation


Management & skills training for staff

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The Lab

The Lab at Atma initiates innovative projects in partnership with other stakeholders in the sector to help bridge the critical gaps in the social sector.

Projects housed under the Lab

Future of Impact

Community Connections India

Outcomes Readiness

TARA AtmaNiribhar Grant

Atma Change Leader Fellowship

Atma EY Volunteer Engagement

Atma Network

Gati Consortium

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Our Impact

Consultants and volunteers at Atma work closely with partner organisations to provide 1:1 handholding support.

The Accelerator programme comes with an open approach and is based on the needs of the organisation assessed through Life Stage Survey (LSS) tool.

Organisational Development is usually slow-paced and needs patience, so Accelerator is designed to be a long-term 3-year engagement, providing 1200+ hours of support.

Atma works across 10 organisational development areas to increase scalability in terms of both growth and depth.

Atma ensures that the intervention leads to both measurable impact (growth metrics) and measurable abilities (Knowledge, skills and processes) for the partner organisations.

Atma comprises of an experienced and approachable team with a strong problem-identification and growth mindset.

Consultants co-create the Annual Implementation Plan amd goal setting and monitoring increases accountability and thus the rigour of the programme.

85% of the partner organisations reported growing by 1 stage at least. While the bulk of partner organisations were reportedly on stage 3 at the time of joining, this shifts to stage 4 at the time of graduation

"The biggest impact is the trust we have built. Our first call or e-mail by default, is to Atma. The best part is that in the 3 years of Accelerator support, we didn't feel like Atma was mentoring us. It felt as if Atma was a part of Apni Shala, helping us at every step."

Amrita Nair

Co-founder, Apni Shala | Mumbai

Capacity Building Support

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Atma is curating online webinars for the social sector to help organisations solve challenges and connect to experts.


"Atma webinar session on 'Disaster Management' has been one of the best webinars I have attended. It gave us a preventive approach to Disaster Management within NGOs! I am bursting with ideas and possibilities- something that I was facing with dread and uncertainty has become an opportunity for growth and innovative solutions. Thank you immensely!"

Dr. Nandita D’Souza | Director | Sethu