The Accelerator

Our Accelerator supports partner organisations in Mumbai & Pune ( change to across pan India) for up to three years, providing expertise in creating strategy, fundraising, recruiting and other key areas. Key features of the program include:

Customised Annual Strategy & Goal Setting

Dedicated Atma Consultant

Skilled volunteers for implementation


Management & skills training for staff

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Our Partners

93% of our partners felt Atma was able to identify and help resolve key challenges that their organisations faced

90% of our partners attributed the development of their key systems and processes to Atma's Accelerator

"The biggest impact is the trust we have built. Our first call or e-mail by default, is to Atma. The best part is that in the 3 years of Accelerator support, we didn't feel like Atma was mentoring us. It felt as if Atma was a part of Apni Shala, helping us at every step."

Amrita Nair

Co-founder, Apni Shala | Mumbai