We’re a group of development sector professionals, volunteers and management experts, with many years of experience in helping educational organisations like yours, grow.

Elena D'Souza

Lead Consultant, Accelerator

Mary Ellen Matsui

Chief Executive Officer

Carmeline Fernandes

Lead Manager, Human Resources

Vanita Kariappa

Consultant, Accelerator

Sneha Arora

Chief Programs Officer

Mary Yeshu

Executive, Finance

Dhanashree Shanbhag

Executive, HR

Lakshmi Hiranandani

Consultant, Accelerator

Aishwarya Menon

Consultant, Business Development

Bhagyashri Bhandakkar

Consultant, Accelerator (Pune)

Reeva Kulkarni

Associate Consultant, Business Development & Communications

Soniya Mulik

Consultant, Business Development

Gauri Phutane

Associate, Program

Sanil Gharat

Associate, Finance

Graina Fernandes

Associate, HR (Volunteer Programme)

Sunil Khopkar

Office Assistant