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Parth Education Foundation: Bridging the Gap Between Teaching and Learning

Parth Education Foundation   |   06 April 2018

One question that often arises is, ‘Do students learn when teachers teach?’ Parth, founded in December 2015, aims to bridge this gap by working with schools to improve the quality of education in India. Our vision is that ‘All children will have the ability to choose what they want to do and who they want to become.’ And our mission is ‘To bridge the gap between teaching and learning.’

Our solution to the educational crisis in our country is a two tier approach — along with capacity building and systemic changes, we also need a mindset shift. Having worked with stakeholders from 13 schools, we have directly and indirectly impacted over 5000 students, 300 teachers, 50 supervisors and 1000 parents.

Every school has a different reality and a unique system of working. We design need-based modules for schools, keeping in mind the current level of different stakeholders, the learning environment of the school and the current structures & processes. After doing a need assessment, we map the type and length of interventions required to be able to achieve the goals of the school.

Through a mindset shift, we have helped stakeholders realise that their involvement and the value of education they hold in their head is directly proportional to the child’s accomplishments.

We have worked with different stakeholders to enhance their competencies and build their leadership skills to make them more effective and sustainable. To give you an example, one of our teachers has improved the results of her class by 70% in 8 months by applying new pedagogy skills and classroom management strategies.

Systemic changes start from setting the school culture to fixing processes. We have added gross and fine motor skills, emotional, social and personal development, and value based education to the pre-primary curriculum of the schools we work with.

Over the last two years, Atma Network, in particular the areas covering marketing, finance and fundraising, and the webinars covering fundraising and proposal writing, have helped us to fix our processes and structures. The combination of these resources has also given us an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the state of education.

To find out more about the wonderful work and impact created by Parth Education Foundation, click here.

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