Get Future Ready Conference – Atma Education NGO Accelerator

Get Future Ready Conference

The Future of Impact   |   27 July 2020

This conference provided hands-on steps you can take to start moving beyond the initial challenges of the lockdown and start planning and moving towards the future with your organisation.

Session 1: Programme Relevance & Redesign by Atma

Atma takes you through a toolkit to help your organisation in assessing your programme relevance and redefining your programme so that you can be responsive to the issues your community is facing. The toolkit is yours to apply to your organisation, and you can sign up for the mentorship programme if you need a thought partner.

Session 2: Building a Narrative by Subu & Rakshit | Stakeholder communications by Sahayog Foundation

Sahayog and Subu & Rakshit helps you identify key stakeholders and move forward with all the tough conversations you need to have. We explore different communication channels and how to use them appropriately for each stakeholder group.

Session 3: Rethinking Fundraising Strategy by Sattva Consulting

Sattva consulting supports you in understanding the current fundraising landscape and re-strategizing to be able to meet your NGO’s needs.

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