Emerging needs of children Conference – Atma Education NGO Accelerator

Emerging needs of children Conference

ATMA   |   28 July 2020


Anupriya Das

Anupriya Das

Anupriya Das, is a Sr.Manager in the healing team at Arpan. She is a Psychotherapist specializing in Art Based therapy and EMDR therapy with more than 16 years of experience in the field of Mental Health.

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar is the CEO at Apni Shala. He also consults at Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) with Wellesley College, USA where he co-facilitates diversity workshops for educators.

Sonal Kapoor

Sonal Kapoor

Sonal Kapoor is Founder Director, Protsahan India Foundation, that works on child protection (legal and psychosocial lens) and encouraging young girls to reach their full potential with access to education, health, and justice. She is a World Bank fellow, Vital Voices Lead Fellow, and an alumnus of ISB & NLSIU.

Vishal Talreja

Vishal Talreja

Vishal Talreja is cofounder of Dream a Dream, an Ashoka Fellow, and an Eisenhower Fellow. He is part of the Founding Team at The Weaving Lab, Catalyst 2030, and Karanga. Vishal sits on the Board of Goonj and Partners for Youth Empowerment. He is also a Member of the OECD Future of Education 2030 project.

Session 1: Wellbeing of Children

Session 2: Virtual Learning

Session 3: Distance Learning

Session 4: Safeguarding children at risk


Apni Shala is offering customized Wellness related engagement with organizations/leaders. Please fill up this form if you are interested and the team will revert

Protsahan “Manual for parents and caregivers” presented by Sonal can be accessed here, for more information you can be in touch with Sonal directly ([email protected])

Dream A Dream is offering a 4 part series of workshops to develop a set of skills in adults to support young people and empower them with life skills. Each workshop will be 2 hours and a combination of theory and practice. It is designed for those working directly with children and young people.


  1. COVID Creatives Toolkit by Collaborative
  2. Protsahan's Manual for parents and caregivers by Protsahan
  3. Resources for Children by Arpan
  4. Virtual Learning by Aakansha foundation
  5. Digital Learning by Boston Consulting Group
  6. Reach and Teach by Peepul
  7. Math Videos by Peepul
  8. Distance learning by iSaksham
  9. Learning admits crisis by Kshamtalaya
  10. Learning without borders by Shikhsharth

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