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Rubaroo (case study)

ATMA   |   02 March 2021

Rubaroo focuses on creating awareness on the issue of child sexual abuse. Through a team of professional psychologists and counselors, they deliver programmes that aim at holistic empowerment of children by imparting knowledge and skills to deal with unsafe situations to prevent occurrences of child sexual abuse. They also promote gender sensitivity among children and provide age-appropriate sexuality and reproductive health education.

Atma's intervention

Rubaroo has aspirations of growing their interventions as well as increasing the depth of their impact. Rubaroo was onboarded to the Accelerator Programme in April 2019. This is an evaluation of year 1 of the partnership between Atma and Rubaroo.

Organisation Development Area Project Breakdown

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 8.16.51 PM

Projects Completed

  1. Graduation Goal 1: Ability to attract and retain talent

    Human Resources - 4 projects completed

    • Performance Appraisal System
    • KRA
    • Organogram
    • Job Description
  2. Graduation Goal 2: Strong fundraising systems and pipeline

    Fundraising & Finance - 8 projects completed

    • Elevator Pitch
    • 2 pager
    • Master Pitch Deck
    • Master Proposal Template
    • Donor Management
    • Budget
    • Budget Tracker
    • Fundraising Plan
  3. Graduation Goal 3: Strong programme design and delivery

    Programmes - 2 projects completed

    • Data Analysis Template
    • Training Workshops
  4. Graduation Goal 4: Ability to articulate the impact

    Monitoring & Evaluation - 4 projects completed

    • Data Analysis Template
    • Training Workshops
  5. Graduation Goal 5: Strong Governance and Leadership

    Governance & Leadership - 4 projects completed

    • Advisory Board
    • Board Structure
    • Board Manual
    • Board Recruitment

Project Outcomes

With the support of the Atma partnership, Rubaroo is now able to...

Make data-driven decisions

  • Design and pilot a new outcomes framework, indicators, and data collection tools
  • Create strong systems for managing school outreach and activity tracking

Strengthen fundraising systems and pipeline

  • Contract a 3rd party (introduced by Atma) to manage their financial systems
  • Onboard and induct a team member to manage to fundraise
  • Secure their funding runway due to creative fundraising and efficient financial management

Strengthen human resource management systems & processes

  • Clarify the organisation structure and roles and responsibilities of the various roles
  • Create performance management systems

Strengthen programme delivery

  • Reach out to 8471 children, 1517 youth, and 3073 adults (33% growth in no. of individuals served over the previous year)
  • Improve classroom facilitation through Atma-facilitated classroom behavior management training

"Atma has always been by our side to help us work through whatever we need. For a year like 2020, which was filled with so much uncertainty and fear, the presence, guidance, and support from Atma was a huge source of comfort and strength to us. The curated manner in which the selected projects were worked through with us, showed us that our consultant Aishwarya really heard us and deeply understood Rubaroo and our work. From the wonderful volunteers who supported us in various projects to other consultants like Gauri who conducted fantastic training for our team on behavior management in classrooms, we are always impressed by the drive, diligence, and quality of work that Atma has always supported us with."

Lisha Chheda, Co-Founder Rubaroo

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