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Volunteer Experience of Astha

ATMA   |   31 January 2022

Meet Astha, a science graduate from Delhi University and a Teach for India fellow. Astha gives us insight into how she got involved with Atma and what volunteering has meant to her.

‘I came across the organisation some time back, through a Teach for India webinar. I have always thought that there are so many organisations that are not maximising their resources and talent. I wanted to know, how can we increase their existing capacity and not build more organisations?
I went through the Atma website and read volunteer interviews and testimonials which motivated me (hopefully this one will too!)’

With Atma working in the same sector that Astha already had experience in, she felt like it was a perfect place to experiment the learnings she’d gained already through her studies and career.

‘Atma is a place where I can definitely challenge myself’.

Astha has gained hard skills in areas she didn’t have experience in before. She didn’t have experience with data analysis or data representation previously but can now confidently put these skills on her resume.

Being humble and kind is also something that Astha has picked up from the Atma team. Astha feels that has the autonomy to make changes to her work and suggest changes in others.

‘The fact that people are willing to work on their skill sets inspires me a lot’.

‘The culture is very rich, everyone wants to keep learning. You would never feel this person is staff, this person is a volunteer, everyone’s work is respected, at all points of time, whatever you are saying will be taken into consideration’.

What Astha has enjoyed about volunteering with Atma is the amount of opportunities to gain experience she has encountered. For example, when she’s wanted to learn more about presenting strategies, she’s been given the opportunity to shadow pitches.

‘If you are a continuous learner, you can avail these opportunities.’

Do you want to put your skillset to good use in a meaningful sector? Are you looking to upskill and challenge yourself? Apply to be an Atma volunteer today and start your year off in a way that creates impact.

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