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Volunteer Experience of Devyani

ATMA   |   15 February 2022

Introducing Devyani, an engineering graduate with an impressive resume and a passion for the social sector. She speaks to us about why she wanted Atma on her resume and the connections she’s made in her volunteer journey. 

Devyani, tell us a little about your background and work history so far?

I am an engineering graduate and completed my graduation in 2018, post which I joined a start-up called Josh Talks, an impact-based media company.

I knew I didn’t want to work with engineering, I wanted to do something in the development sector. I worked as a project manager with Josh Talks for about two years and worked on social impact projects for clients. I did projects for the United Nations Development Program, ITC Vivel, Facebook- all related to the social upliftment of people.

During my two years with Josh Talks, I got to know about the Teach for India fellowship. Targeting students and helping them get an excellent education really interested me. After two years at Josh Talks, I thought it was time to get into the social sector hands on.

I am currently working as a Fellow with Teach For India where I am engaging with children in a low-income government school to provide them with an excellent education.

How did you find out about Atma and what made you want to apply to join the organisation as a volunteer?

I got into Teach for India, in 2020, in the pandemic era. During this fellowship, I was looking to intern/volunteer with other organisations and that’s how I came across Atma. I saw them helping NGOs scale up and reach their potential and wanted to be involved. 

Tell us about the skills that you have gained volunteering for Atma?

I was taken into the Future of Impact collaborative project and would organise events, masterclasses and projects. I was told that I had to organise one conference and two to three masterclasses. I was also given the opportunity to think about what the next Future of Impact could look like. I’ve also organised two master classes during my time with Atma and a two-day conference. Atma and the team I was working with showed a lot of faith in me and gave me a lot of responsibilities that helped my growth. Instead of telling me what to do, they gave me the space to explore and learn.

I was also absorbed into another project at the same time. The original consultant had already done a lot of research. I had to compile the research into a report of recommendations. This helped me understand the entire report writing process and compile a plethora of research. 

Finally, what have you enjoyed about volunteering here?

"It’s been a great experience, the kind of skills I was looking to gain, I gained more. I’ve interacted with people from diverse backgrounds. The Atma culture has really stayed with me, everyone has been so approachable, even the CEO, Sneha, is always open to chat and clear doubts. I could reach out to anyone outside of a project and people would be happy to respond to me.

It’s a healthy culture because it’s very open. Volunteering with Atma is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to understand the consulting space a bit better in this sector. I have been able to interact with some amazing leaders in the sector. Being a volunteer has given me both the network and the skills I need for my career. "

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