Head – Sustainability At Bright Future

Mumbai, India

The purpose of this role is to lead brand development and corporate partnerships by effectively communicating the organisation's vision with stakeholders and ensuring that existing and new stakeholders are engaged. The key partnerships being managed by this role will include Funding Partners, Employers and Corporate Volunteer Partners. This will help Bright Future to attain sustainability as an organisation.

Manager Innovation (Learning & Development) At Bright Future

Mumbai, India

Manager Innovation (L&D) will assist Head Innovation in creating, planning, reviewing and designing assessments and measurement tools for Bright Future's livelhood and school programme. The role will also entail training the team of facilitators on content delivery through creative methods.

Executive Assistant to MD & CEO At Bright Future

Mumbai, India

The key focus area for the role is to assist MD & CEO and provide support in his day to day activities.

Head – Finance At Bright Future

Mumbai, India

The Head Finance role acts as the finance partner to the Leadership team, provides counsel on all finance matters and ensures that finance goals are aligned with Bright Future’s strategic plans and programs. The role also requires to work collaboratively with the CEO and other Bright Future employees to deliver accurate consolidated financial reporting; effectively managing all financial tasks, overseeing budgeting and accounting etc.

Social Worker At Bright Future

Mumbai, India

The social worker is focused on working with schools, CBTC (Community-based Training Centre) and YDTCs (Youth Development and Training Centres) to drive Bright Future's programs and initiatives. The purpose of this role is to actively engage with stakeholders effectively to increase their participation in the organisation's programs. This is in turn will help them to support the adolescents and youth development in the areas of life skills and employability skills. Doing so helps Bright Future realise its vision of connecting education to employability right from the school level.

Manager – Programme At Bright Future

Mumbai, India

The Manager-Programme is responsible for delivery of all of Bright Future's programs in a defined zone. The key responsibilities of the role are to monitor and execute programmes running in the centres within the assigned zone and support with placement of the students in network organisations post completion of the programme. Thus, this role is critical for Bright Future as it ensures that the students are industry ready and that there are job opportunities for students after completion of the programmes.

Manager Sustainability (Placements & Volunteering) At Bright Future

Mumbai, India

The Manager- Sustainability (Placements & Volunteering) is responsible to build and maintain strong relations with employers to ensure placement of Aspirants in Bright Future's Livelihood program, in jobs that are best suited to them and also attract maximum number of volunteers and mentors for both our programs.

Program Lead At Peepal Foundation

Pune, India

Peepal is seeking a Program Lead (PL) to join their leadership team. The PL is a crucial role and the candidate will have to be someone who is well-versed in ensuring that all of an organization’s programs are running smoothly.