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Bridging the Learning Gap


August 25, 2021 - 3:00 pm


Bridging the Learning Gap by Nalika Braganza, Teach for India

The COVID situation had presented us with several unique issues. One such is the issue of children who have missed education over the past year. This means they not only lost out on learning new things but due to lack of practice moved a step back in education outcomes. At Teach For India, this problem meant finding a unique solution. The team goes together to understand how as an organisation they could work towards a better solution. Join us for this webinar where the TFI team talks about the problem and walks you through the solutions they have been building over the past year.

Nalika Braganza, Teach for India

Nalika graduated from Sophia College for Women in 2012 with a degree in English Literature. During her time in Mumbai, she was struck by the stark inequity that she saw in every corner of Mumbai. She decided to apply to Teach For India Fellowship and taught a beautiful bunch of third and fourth grade students in Kala Chowky Mumbai. The two years of the Fellowship gave her hope that change was possible and I wanted to be of service to as many children as she could. She joined the Program Staff team, where she coached and managed a group of Fellows for two years and then transitioned to lead the