Gearing Up for the Year 2021-22 and Beyond – Atma Education NGO Accelerator

Gearing Up for the Year 2021-22 and Beyond


January 28, 2021 - 10:00 am


This year has been crazy for most of us in many ways and one thing that set organisations apart and helped them to survive and thrive in this pandemic was “detailed planning”. The key to the success of any organisation lies in its ability to set goals, identify necessary resources, formulate a plan, and deliver on that plan. During this webinar, our speaker will share effective techniques and tools for strategic planning. We will also focus a bit on how to convert those plans into action with the necessary accountability to drive your organisation forward. Through this webinar you will: – Understand the process for Strategic Planning – Take away the tools and resources that can help you plan better – Learn from the best practices that can directly be applied to your organisation – Equip yourself to plan better for 2021-22