Gati | Atma Education NGO Accelerator

There are an estimated three million children with disabilities in India, many of whom are marginalised by poverty, gender, disability and caste. Of the identified CWD in India, 34% are out of school, that’s nearly a million children between ages 6-14.

The need to support CWD in classrooms has been overlooked, and under-funded. Students with disabilities, or marked deficits, represent a growing population in any classroom due to the failures in early intervention support, especially in low-income communities. Failure to respond to this need will continue to have negative consequences on CWD’s academic and life outcomes.


Gati is a consortium of organisations and schools driving inclusion. Together we are helping educators serve students effectively and allowing more students to access school.

The Challenge

Faced with the policy thrust towards inclusion, schools struggle with understanding how to support children with disability and implementing inclusive practices successfully. We support inclusion capacity-building with resources that help you understand the three key questions:

What is inclusion?

How inclusive is your school?

What can you do to make your school more inclusive?