Our Volunteer Program enables new experiences and interactions across cultures, while making an impact in the education sector.

Over 400 volunteers from more than 25 countries have been a part of the Atma Volunteer Program, helping to grow high potential NGOs and enterprises in Mumbai & Pune.




We look for diversity, not just with where you come from, but also what you do. Our volunteer cohort has included consultants, teachers, students, lawyers, doctors, accountants, and even pilots.

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These amazing people have worked on projects ranging from curriculum development, designing HR systems and processes, financial management, designing marketing campaigns, website design, designing and implementing fundraising campaigns, leadership development, photography, teacher training, making videos, program design and documentation.

Your role will vary based on your level of experience and personal background.

The Experience


As a volunteer, you are an integral part of our workforce, bringing expertise and experience to our work with education NGOs and social enterprises.

  • You apply to become a volunteer with your details and areas of interest.

  • Based on your skill set, interests and the needs of partner organisations, we identify exciting projects for you to work on.

  • Once you are assigned to an organisation, your first month of work includes learning and observation, as well as conceptualising your project with the Atma portfolio organisation.

  • Following this, you will help the partner organisation to execute the project, implement systems and processes, and contribute across key areas to enable the organisation to grow their impact.


By volunteering with Atma you will be able to work with high potential education NGOs in Mumbai or Pune. You will be able to facilitate for impactful organisations to deliver high quality education programs on the ground. Atma volunteers have met with success in the development sector, many of them going on to work with innovative organisations in the social enterprise space, including our network.

If you’re interested in a career in the development sector, learning how education works at a grassroots level, or simply exploring a new world while meeting inspiring people from around the world, Atma provides a platform to discover what you are capable of.


Financial Planning Volunteer

Mumbai / Pune, India

The Atma Financial Planning volunteer will assist the Atma Partner organisation with their financial plan. The role will involve understanding the Atma partner organization’s work and reviewing of the current system and preparing an accounting policy, budget and financial strategy accordingly.

Governance Volunteer

Mumbai / Pune, India

Atma requires a Governance volunteer to assist the partner NGO with governance related requirements and work closely with its senior management to review and strengthen its board.

Business Development Volunteer

Mumbai / Pune, India

Atma requires a Business Development Volunteer to provide support by creating actionable steps for implementation of fundraising, develop required materials / tools for implementation and design feedback mechanisms to track progress and reception of mode while also using relevant case studies. The role focuses on conducting the day-to-day operational management and implementation of all activities pertaining to fund development and fundraising .

Human Resources Volunteer

Mumbai / Pune, India

The Atma Partner NGO is going through a growth phase and needs to put together a sturdy human resources structure. The volunteer who takes this role will work on assisting with evaluation, policy making, putting systems and structures into place, etc. The role will involve researching and planning strategy for the program.

Monitoring and Evaluation Volunteer

Mumbai/ Pune, India

Atma requires a Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) volunteer to support the Monitoring & Evaluation activities at its partner organisations. The major role of the volunteer is to build a complete Monitoring & Evaluation system for one of the partner organisations.

Marketing and Communications Volunteer

Mumbai/Pune, India

The volunteer position would be focused on assisting an Atma Partner Organization in developing and implementing their social media strategy, networks and collateral to communicate with direct and indirect beneficiaries and also help in developing a marketing plan for the partner organization.