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Atma has selected six NGOs from Mumbai to be a part of the Atma Accelerator Program. The selected NGOs will be a part of Cohort 2015 and receive 1200 hours of support per year for the next three years along with one dedicated Partnership Manager and three skilled volunteers to help their NGOs become bigger, better and stronger. Atma’s ‘Cohort 2015’ and ‘Special-Ed Cohort 2015’ has NGOs with huge potential

Atma Partners Bright Future, Muskan Foundation and Sol’s ARC graduated from the Accelerator Program on July 7, 2015. It was a day of laughter and anecdotes and remembering days when leaders of these NGOs worked with the Atma team to figure their next best move. “We have had lots of lengthy arguments in this room. Budget wise, we just had 8 lakh when we started. Last year we raised 48

1. LET’S START WITH DAHI PURI   This crunchy, tangy treat instantly won my heart. What an invention!  2. VADA-PAV    I had to try this! Mumbai’s famed snack Vada Pav hits all the taste-buds and is a favorite snack of everyone from laborers to the CEOs. Hamburger out, humble burger in. 3. RICKSHAWS    I enjoyed taking rickshaw rides in the evening in Mumbai. It’s fun. But, beware, drivers can be really selective about

In my limited association with Atma, I had a lot of learning experiences right from closely getting to see how inclusion is embraced by organisations like Sahyog and Mimansa- which are working on developmental disabilities- to how an M&E technique like Most Significant Change can help a team celebrate its successes and identify areas of improvement. I am happy to inform you all that I scored the highest grades for my

Our day is full of choices. Some that seem easy, some that are hard – but somehow, when we take a moment to stop and look back, it’s clear how each one defines a little part of us, like a small tap of the sculptor’s chisel. I made a choice exactly a year ago to apply to be an associate at Atma Education for the fal​l​. I knew very little

I arrived in Mumbai in March and in my four months here I have experienced the height of summer and the onset of monsoon madness. There is so much to discover in the city, from rock-climbing by the Arabian sea to the colourful lanes of old Worli fishing village, to name but a few. One of the most intense experiences I had was visiting the extremely crowded and very pungent

I came to Atma through a friend (a previous Atma volunteer) and decided to be a part of Atma’s Volunteer Program. Here are few things I observed about Atma. Flexibility: There was a lot of flexibility and openness regarding how to work. Everything from defining the problem to how to solve it was open to discussion, and we worked through it collaboratively. Connectedness: Within Atma and often when engaging with others

FCRA 2010 calls for renewal of FCRA registration every five years. FCRA registration is valid for five years from the date of FCRA registration or renewal whichever is earlier. If your FCRA registration is valid till 30-Apr-16, you should apply at least one year before that. This means the last date of application for most NGOs is 30-Apr-15. If your FCRA registration is not renewed or the registration lapses than

This is my first time in India. I thought I could push my boundaries and travel to a new place to learn something new. I see that Mumbai is extreme in its wealth and poverty but working on a cause of access to quality education is a perfect opportunity to know more about this. Among other things, I love the food here. I have picked up a bit of Hindi.