Yein Udaan and It’s Mission to Provide Holistic Development

Yein Udaan and It’s Mission to Provide Holistic Development

Yein Udaan   |   30 April 2018

Focused on the holistic development of families, Yein Udaan works towards bridging the opportunity gap that exists between privileged and underprivileged communities.

Founded in July 2017, the NGO currently impacts 40 families, providing extra-curricular and life-skills training to students after-school hours, while empowering their parents by offering them counselling sessions, English literacy lessons, and employment opportunities. At Yein Udaan, we believe developing families as a whole will in turn have a ripple effect on the development of the community, as the program enables different generations to become positive role models, advocating for change simultaneously.

We hope to expand our outreach to all the children in the community in which we currently operate before spreading our impact to other communities. We believe that having a more in-depth impact rather than a blanket one, will have a long-term sustainable effect on the development of the community. We are looking to expand our extra-curricular partnerships and work with a large number of passionate volunteers, who would be interested and excited to work at our upcoming community centers.

Our collaboration with Atma Network has not only helped us formulate a clearer mission to follow our vision but also enabled us to categorize our next-steps into logical and distinct department heads. We have had access to a wide range of resources including, webinars on budgeting and funding proposals, personnel to help formulate our HR policies, and information packets much needed by startups to help map the way forward.

To find out more about the work that Yein Udaan does, check out their Facebook page.

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