Our 1 year partnership with Bright Future – Atma Education NGO Accelerator

Our 1 year partnership with Bright Future

ATMA   |   18 February 2021

Bright Future empowers youth to make informed decisions about their career and thus enables them to transform their passion into gainful employment through life skills development, career development, mentoring support, internships, and placement opportunities.

Atma's intervention

Bright Future approached Atma in 2018 with a need for capacity-building support in the area of Human Resource management. The organisation had grown substantially over the last few years, and older systems were not capable of handling the new scale. There was also a need to redefine M&E frameworks to incorporate programmatic changes & lay down a strategy plan for the organisation. By 2019, Bright Future had set up several HR systems with Atma’s support, and was now looking for sharpening its capacity in a mix of organisational areas, including culture under HR, but also its fundraising systems, leadership & governance, and programme efficiency.

Organisation Development Area Project Breakdown

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 1.47.42 AM

Projects Completed

  1. Graduation Goal 1: Ability to attract and retain talent

    Human Resources - 12 projects completed

    • EVP Collaterals implementation
    • Selection Systems
    • Performance Appraisal System 19 - 20
    • Recruitment
    • Organisation Structure
    • Induction & Orientation (Project from the previous year)
    • Key Result Areas (KRAs)
    • HR Manual
    • Staff development plans
    • Organisation Culture
    • Leadership rubric (JPMC project)
    • Potential Program (Performance Appraisal System)

  2. Graduation Goal 2: Strong fundraising systems and pipeline

    Fundraising & Finance - 5 projects completed

    • Donor meet up
    • Proposal
    • Shopping Cart
    • Master Proposal (Grant Template) (JPMC project)
    • Proposal DeckGraduation Goal 1: Ability to attract and retain talent

    Marketing - 2 projects completed

    • Two-pager
    • Branding (Positioning report)

  3. Graduation Goal 3: Strong programme design and delivery

    Programmes - 6 projects completed

    • YDTC SOP
    • JPA (JPMC project
    • Implementation Plan Based on JPA
    • Operations Manual (SOPs) - School
    • Donor Engagement Form
    • Integrating the 4th pillar of the model)

Project Outcomes

With the support of the Atma partnership, Bright Future was able to:

Invest in people & bring down the attrition rate from 30% to 15%

  • Make 8 critical hires, 4 in Leadership roles
  • Streamline its recruitment process & hire more & better
  • Build a stronger org culture

Double the funds raised from INR 5 cr to INR 9 cr in one year

  • Diversify funding sources to include individual donors & small corporates
  • Not just sustain but also increase funding available in times of Covid
  • Secure Rs. 25 lakh from a new funder (Deloitte) through an Atma linkage

Strengthen its Governance & Leadership teams

  • Fill 4 critical leadership positions, enhance competencies
  • Owing to a stronger LT, CEO bandwidth was optimised
  • 3 Advisory Board members recruited

Maintain the focus on programme improvements

  • Improve the quality of facilitators Invest in M&E tech systems
  • Clearly articulate its USP

After two years of intensive capacity-building support from Atma, Bright Future feels confident to take its work forward in the areas of Human Resources, Fundraising, and Strategy with its own team. We believe this is a reflection of a good capacity-building partnership, where Atma has made its support redundant in the areas it helped Bright Future build.

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