Sattva's India Partner Network : A 360 tour

Sattva’s India Partner Network : A 360 tour


September 28, 2023 - 3:00 pm


Sattva’s India Partner Network : A 360 tour by Aarti Krishnan

What is the India Partner Network (IPN)?

  • India Partner Network (A Sattva initiative) is a one-stop platform that equips non-profits with knowledge, visibility and connections they need to fuel their missions and make them sustainable institutions that drive lasting impact.
  • IPN is built primarily for small to mid-level (50 lakhs – 10 Cr) nonprofits.

Why should you attend the session?

This is a chance to understand how you can leverage India Partner Network to improve your organisation’s internal efficiency, capabilities and visibility.

Aarti Krishnan

Aarti brings over two decades of experience in management and leadership roles in several cross-functional skills across strategy consulting, business research, consumer studies and programme management. She is passionate about solving developmental challenges and achieving sustainable impact through design thinking and product initiatives. Since 2009, she has spearheaded enterprise development interventions across microfinance, handloom & handicrafts, and agribusiness with elements of social enterprise strategy, programme management, fundraising, institutional building, and digital transfor