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Succession Planning for Leadership


March 24, 2021 - 12:00 am


Succession planning by Mary Ellen Matsui, CEO Atma


Leadership transition and succession planning are topics we don’t often deal with in the NGO sector. Hear from Mary Ellen Matsui, Co-CEO of Atma about how she planned her own transition and managed the transition. Whether you are actively transitioning or just planning for the future it is important to work succession planning into your organisation capacity building plans.

Mary Ellen Matsui

Mary Ellen has been leading the Atma story since its inception. Over the past decade, she has spearheaded Atma’s scale-up strategy, including its geographic expansion and growing the Atma Network, a resource sharing and collaboration platform. She has also personally driven Atma’s strategic focus towards developing an inclusive education agenda through Gati. Mary Ellen is a graduate of the Telfer School of Management and a member of the inaugural Dasra Social Impact Leadership Program, as well as the CSC Leaders Program. She is an advisor on the board of Sol's Arc and a panelist for organisati